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101 Strange Ways To Meet the Love of Your Life:

101 short stories with new characters and new scenarios in each story.  In this anthology, choose from not only Kim's works, but other authors, as well!

College student Annie has been turned out by her parents after she came out.  Now, she must find a creative way to make money for school.  Taking drastic measures, she finds herself center stage in a most unusual introduction to the woman of her dreams.

2. The Golden Apples Affair (20 pages)  by Nene Adams

Jane Coffin has two secrets: she's an art thief, and she's a werewolf. Commissioned by a dangerously attractive woman to steal a lost painting, she soon finds out that things aren't as always what they seem to be under a wild hunter's moon.

3. NOTHING UP MY SLEEVE (19 pages)  by Geonn Cannon

A night out at a magic show turns frightening in more ways than one for an unhappily married audience member.


What can happen when curiosity kills the cat, and then satisfaction brings it back.

3 DAYS IN FEBRUARY word count 24,540

When two women are kidnapped by an escaped convict and forced to rely on each other, their bond grows into far more than simply co-survivors.  Finally escaping the mad man, they can't escape their feelings, even though they have their separate lives to fit back into.








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