Kim Pritekel was born and raised in Colorado, where she still lives. Her love of writing began at age 9, and she wrote her first novel at age 12, wishing to follow in the footsteps of childhood idol, S.E. Hinton. She was published for the first time at age 24 with her novel, First.

Kim has followed her dreams right into the film industry, writing screenplays for production companies in Los Angeles, as well as for her own production company, Asp Films with business partner, Kelly Neal. Their first feature film, Self Portrait – written, directed and co-produced by Kim – premiered in Denver in June of 2013.

She enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her beloved cats. She is always adding to her ever-growing collection of swords and historic memorabilia. She is a huge fan of music, including musical theater. The "musical" love of her life is Sarah Brightman, who she tosses a mention of in every book she can.

Kim is a writing machine, so come back often to see what she's working on next!




















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"Academy of Bards' Reader's Choice Award for General Lesbian Fiction for 1049 Club"
- April 2011


Best Contemporary Lesbian Fiction
1049 Club


Connection: Finalist Best Lesbian Mystery
After Shadow: 3rd Runner Up Best Lesbian Paranormal Romance


2008 Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Awards: Favorite Speculative Fiction/Science Fiction/Fantasy Book
For Storm


Hall of Fame
Royal Academy of Bards 1049 Club - 2007


For First