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COMING THIS DECEMBER - the first novel Kim has written in six year!

After a horrible explosion sends local television news reporter, Burton Blinde reeling both physically and emotionally, she walks away from her life and the dream job she was about to start at a major news network.

For six long years she hides out in a small mountain town, working at the local library, though is haunted by the life she had, including mysterious messages and gifts she was receiving before her life was turned upside down, a veritable bread crumb trail leading to the unknown. 

Unable to resist, Burton begins to follow the clues, which will lead her into the darkest places of human nature that she may not be able to return from.


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Zero Ward
World War II was a time of fear, confusion and the renewal of a depression-ravaged country. Danielle Felts, daughter of dairy farmers in the heartland, suffered from her own fear and confusion about her own life, and herself. Determined to make something of her life that didn’t require udders, she makes a drastic decision to join the Navy, becoming Daniel Felts.

Kate Adams is an All-American girl living in San Diego affluence with her wealthy parents. All the money in the world couldn’t curb Kate’s desire to learn and become more than her money-hungry mother could ever be. Made to go to a USO dance by her boy-crazy best friend, Carol, Kate has a chance encounter with the most handsome man she’s ever seen. Unable to get him out of her mind, she tracks him down and falls in love with Daniel Felts.

Zero Ward is an epic story which zig zags its way through thirty years of history, love and loss, only to end up in the greatest love story for two generations.





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